The child is the lead character of his own learning.

Working with projects

Learning is based on the discovery and the research of the environment. We build new knowledge from the interests of our students.

Reading promotion

We participate in the reading promotion plan. We encourage reading by enhancing habits and reading strategies and comprehension procedures.

Godfathers readers

We encourage peer reading. For this reason, our students from the third cycle help the children from first cycle in reading and understanding.


Students from 5th grade participate every year in the musical activity of Cantània at the Auditori de Barcelona.


In Infant Education, the environments are different spaces of learning, creating relationships and communicating. These spaces are based on different proposals in which children can act, observe, experiment, build, invent, imagine, share, relate, express their emotions… and interact with others.

Workshops and learning corners

Working with these strategies promotes the use of a wide variety of teaching techniques. It stimulates the child’s interest, it promotes and develops their creativity as well as it facilitates that each student learns how to seek for an answer to small problems. At the same time that he/she is able to put into practice his/her discoveries, he/she will learn to have initiative and entrepreneurship.

Interactive Groups

Small heterogeneous groups (four or five students) who, in collaboration, solve class tasks with the supervision of an adult (relative, teacher or volunteer) that is in the group. They learn to work cooperatively, making the most of the time, since they change the activity every 10 minutes.  The teacher coordinates the class and observes the evolution of the students.

Ells/es parlen

Splits and flexible groups

We work systematically in small groups to improve our written expression and mathematical skills.

At school, we also care about emotional learning and social skills.

We can not educate if we do not take into account the heart. Teachers guide and help students in their emotional and social development.