Videoconferències d’estudiants 20-23

By 23 Febrer, 2023Erasmus+

Recull de les videoconfències fetes pels estudiants durant el projecte Erasmus 20-23


Today we had a students videoconference in which each team presented what we’ve done to celebrate Women in Science Day in our schools. 


Marina Pedrosa / Lluís Vives School (Spain)

We did another students videoconference in which each country shared a popular tradition. In this case, the 6th graders were in charge of explaining one of the most popular catalan festivities: Saint George’s Day (23rd of April). 



Anabel Formosa / Lluís Vives School (Spain)

Today we did a videoconference about safe internet day. 

Our 4th graders prepared a presentation to explain to children from all over Europe how to protect themselves on the internet. After conducting a survey, they analyzed the data and set out their conclusions.


Ali EREN /Kızılisalı Primary School (Turkey)

 We met at the online meeting for safe Internet awareness.


Petra Poláčková – ZŠ speciální Ostrava, Czech Republic

Our students enjoyed this morning. They gained new information on how to behave safely on the Intern


Marina Pedrosa / Lluís Vives School (Spain)

Today we had our first students videoconference and it has been a complete success, since all the students were highly motivated and they are now looking forward for the next meeting. It’s the first time we participarte in an Erasmus, so the children are very excited with it and they are enjoying it a lot. 

This time, the class who has spoken it’s been 5th B (9 volunteers), but all the primary classes have been connected so as to watch the complete videoconference. 

The 9 volunteers organised themselves on Wednesday afternoon, with the English teacher, to prepare the speech. You can see the preparation in the following pictures:

Here you can see some photos of the videoconference:



Annabel Formosa / Lluís Vives School (Spain)

Other classes from our school also wanted to participate, so we invited them to watch the videoconference. Here you can see some photos and a video made for our school, for educative and informative purposes.

Ali EREN /Kızılisalı Primary School (Turkey)

Display of traditions. Our partner schools shared their country’s spring traditions liv