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By 24 January, 2022
Classdojo logo

ClassDojo is the family-school communication tool: it is where we post internal information, day-to-day photos, short videos, etc. It is also the student's digital portfolio.


We give infant students various proposals with which to develop their abilities through multiple intelligences.

*Logo pending design for our 6th graders.

Erasmus + experiencies d'intercanvi

We participate in European Erasmus+ and Etwinning projects where students communicate using the foreign language in real situations.

British School of Barcelona

We collaborate with the British School of Barcelona. Your students carry out small group activities with us to practice English in real communicative situations.


Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. We work with globalized methodologies where students learn skills to develop in the 21st century.

apple ipad

Our technological project involves the use of specific digital tools for education. Students become creators of digital artifacts with the iPad.