AFA organization

Como Associación de Famílias de Alumnos (AFA), we work to consolidate and grow the educational community of the Lluis Vives school.We collaborate, support and work hand in hand with the management of the school, in order to add and contribute during the schooling stage of our sons and daughters, so that it is a path of joint learning and some years of sharing and growing up as a family.

Our goals

  • Improving school spaces
  • Complement your educational project
  • Promote the participation of families in the management of the center

How can we participate?

  • Occasionally, as a volunteer at various parties and / or events organized at the school.
  • On a regular basis, on one of the AFA working committees.
  • As a delegate and / or sub-delegate of our children’s class.
  • As a representative of the families within the School Board of the center.
  • As a member of the Board of the Family Association.


It is the governing body of the Family Association, it is its voice and, in addition, it acts as an intermediary between the school management and the rest of the families.

AFA Commissions


The commissions are set up as needed, such as: carnivals, playgrounds, parties, extracurriculars … There are some fixed ones such as a dining room or a green school. You can sign up through the class delegates or through theAFA mail.