Educative Project

All the actions that we carry out at school are done so that children are able to reach a good academic and personal level. Our goal is to train people who are critical and committed to society.
European projects

The school is involved in European projects such as E-twinning and Erasmus +. We have begun step by step our participation with other European schools in order to access different Erasmus projects that will help us to develop our educational project.


We are part of the “Experimental Group of Multilingualism” in Catalonia. Our school offers other areas such as Science, Arts and Crafts and Psychomotricity, where the vehicular language to communicate is English.

New Technologies

We are a 21st century school. We have Digital Whiteboards in all the classrooms and iPads so that children can learn and investigate.

Sharing to Learn

Students from the British School of Barcelona perform activities with our students to improve oral expression and the learning of the English language.

Green School

We participate in recycling campaigns throughout the year and we grow our own vegetable garden, which allows us to know the nature from a close distance.

Coeducational Playground

We are part of the project for diversity and respect in games. Our playgrounds provide a moment of recreation and entertainment for all kinds of needs. Families have built the spaces in our playgrounds.

Our transformation
Excursions and field trips

We carry out field trips to know and investigate our environment. We also go to camp in P5 and at the end of each cycle, so as to promote coexistence and group cohesion.

School and class mediators

Upper-class students help solving the conflicts that are generated in the school between peers. These mediators are formed and have a series of resources and skills to collaborate so as to come to a solution.

Playground Leagues

During break time, second and third cycle students can participate in different sports leagues: table tennis, football, korfbal, basketball, handball and volleyball. We prioritize the work of values, being the scoreboard a secondary issue. Matches are arbitrated by girls and boys of third cycle.

Assembly of Student class delegates
Every fifteen days there is an assembly of student delegates where proposals are offered to improve the school from the perspective of the students. At this meeting, there is a member of the management team. It is also an informative and advisory organ, because our students’ opinion is also important for us.
Assembly of families delegates

In each class there is a family representative who meets with the management team monthly. The families propose and collaborate in the organization and proper functioning of the school.