Our school is a newly built building with 3 floors and well-differentiated spaces by cycles.

On the ground floor there is Infant Education in a wing of the building. They have their own playground, they also have direct access and exit to the street. There are different spaces for attending students in small groups and a large room for psychomotricity . On the other side of the building there are the offices (AFA, secretary, management, teaching staff…), the library, the canteen with its own kitchen and a big gym.  We have different access doors to the playground, in which there are different environments.

On the first floor, there is a large hall that divides the first cycle to one side and the second cycle on the other side. We can also find the music room, language class, special education classroom, arts & crafts room and small classrooms for individualized meetings or small group attention. On the second floor there are the third cycle classrooms, the computer room and the welcoming room (where students who do not speak Catalan or Spanish can go to practice their oral skills). All the classrooms of the school, the teachers’ staff room, the library and the gym have the latest technological innovations (Interactive Whiteboards, projectors, computers and iPads). 

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