The familiarization process in P3

Familiarization is a more child-friendly concept.

The welcoming attitude of the school must go beyond the first days: the school must always be welcoming.

Why familiarization?

The process of familiarization is the beginning of a long period of schooling and therefore must be a process lived with respect and confidence.. It is an emotional experience for families and children. We coordinate with kindergartens (0-6), we dobeginning-of-course meetings and individual interviews to get to know and help the child in change. We propose an afternoon of play, prior to the start of the course so that the child knows the environment and has a positive experience. Throughout the process are the 2 tutors, 2 reinforcements and the TEI.

How is familiarization performed?

Children will not have an assigned class and will be able to move freely around the two classrooms. Different play corners will be provided with the appropriate material.

During the weeks, you will find temporary lists at the door of the classroom. These lists will vary until we consider that the groups are already formed.

At the end of the familiarization period, we will inform the families in which class group their child is assigned.

The schedule and space for the playground for P3 students will be different from those for P4 and P5 students in the early days.