What is the time frame?

Childhood education:9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Primary Education: 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Is there a reception service?

Yes. In the morning, from 7:45. More info

In the afternoon, sporadically. We recommend using the service of extracurriculars from 4.30 pm to 6 pm (depending on the activity).

Are there extracurriculars?

Yes. Extracurriculars are managed by the AFA (Association of Student Families). You can find out more at the following

What facilities do you have?

We have a dining room with its own kitchen, two separate patios, a gym with a stage, a vegetable garden, multipurpose classrooms equipped with multimedia equipment.

All classrooms have a projector and / or digital whiteboard. Technology is part of everyday life in the classroom.

Do you have your own kitchen?

Yes, Paz and Marcos are in front of the school kitchen. Our menu includes organic and local products. In our kitchen we prepare different menu proposals adapted to the different nutritional needs of children.

What is the noon space like?

In this strip, the children eat in the school canteen accompanied by a team of educators and enjoy a leisure time facilitated by monitors in accordance with the educational project of the center.
The monitoring of the lunch area and the kitchen service is provided by the company “Menú del petit”.

Do you go out of the center?

Yes. Depending on the content being worked on in the classroom, outings are scheduled to complement the learning. The museum, nature, music auditions, theater, neighborhood discoveries… They are all other learning environments that promote the significance of the work done in the classroom.

And the colonies?

We do camps every end of the stage (P5, 2nd, 4th and 6th) we go 2 or 3 days of camps with the aim of promoting personal autonomy, strengthening social relationships, enjoying the natural environment and making discoveries in a relaxed atmosphere full of complicity. They are inclusive camps and from the center we encourage the participation of all students.

How can families be involved in the day-to-day running of the school?

Yes. Families are involved in many of the center’s activities both inside and outside the classroom. We realize interactive groups where we invite you as volunteers. We do family readings where you can come and enjoy a moment of reading, individually, with the students. You can come and tell us a story, do a learning workshop, share your craft or hobbies – any suggestions are welcome!

What is the school fee and what is it for?

Given that the Department of Education does not cover 100% of the cost of a child’s education, we ask that each family make an annual contribution that goes to the purchase of teaching materials from the different learning spaces, the provision of consumable material for students, the return of the material, the acquisition of licenses and digital hardware…

The school fee for the 21/22 school year was € 165 per year for children and € 220 per year for primary school, which can be divided according to the needs of the family. Outings and camps are not included. You can see more information Here.

Should I buy a school tracksuit and / or gown?

Students do not currently need to carry any specific sports equipment, gown or backpack. We have them available, if you want, you can see the equipment Here.

How many places do you offer for the 2021-2022 academic year?

There are 40 places available in P3 for the next academic year, 4 of which are reserved for NESE students.

How will pre-registration and enrollment be done?

The dates for the pre-registration and enrollment process scheduled for this year are as follows:

  • 1- 7 march: doors open in the center
  • 7-21 de march: online pre-registration for infant and primary education
  • April: resolution and allocation of places
  • June: Enrolment

The entire pre-registration and registration process will be in electronic format; You can find more information at the following link:

Pre-registration and registration 2021-2022

What if my child gets sick and can't go to class? Do I have to notify the school?

Yes, ClassDojo must notify the tutor stating the reason for the absence. The family must provide proof of absence. This receipt can be made by the family itself. No medical certificate required. Students’ absences must always be justified in writing.

If the student uses a fixed canteen service, ClassDojo must notify the canteen coordinator before 10am.

If I have to pick up my child early or take them to school later, who and how should I tell them?

In these cases, the tutor must be notified by ClassDojo, reporting the incident. It should be borne in mind, however, that normal school operations cannot be disrupted except for exceptional reasons. The normality of the activity carried out for the good of the education of the children must be respected.

If someone else is coming to pick up my child, who and how should I let them know?

If you have to pick up your children (grandmothers, aunts, babysitters, etc.) on a sporadic or regular basis, you will need to download the document.’authorization to collect students which you can find in the documents section on the website and give to your child’s guardian. There you must indicate the name, surname and DNI of the person you authorize for collection.

What if we arrive late one day to pick them up?

If you arrive late one day to pick up your children, you must notify ClassDojo to the tutor or telephone the school. Tutors will accompany you to the reception service while you arrive (this service is free).

Can the school provide medicine to a child if he or she is ill?

At the beginning of the course, we ask you authorization to be able to supply “Paracetamol” if necessary. However, we always call you earlier to inform you and to back up your compliance.

The school will only provide medication with family authorization and a doctor’s prescription. Students may not take any medication during school hours or take it to school without the teachers’ knowledge, as dangerous situations may occur such as another student taking it. the medicine.

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