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What are microspaces?

Video made by 6th grade students in the creative space.

Microspaces are a globalized methodology based on different psycho-pedagogical movements. These include proposals with various materials, distributed throughout the space. This way of working involves a new look at the child, more respectful, open to their needs and personal growth.

Autonomy and free choice

We start with the idea that the child needs movement to be able to learn and freedom to choose.

The game

The main source of learning is the game. This involves an active, alert but stress-free state of mind.

Childhood education

Creativity and experimentation

We have a creative vision of learning based on the potential of the child. There are endless ways to see and relate to the world. That’s why musical, artistic, and bodily expression are so important.


Emotional support in your needs seeking personal well-being so that you can grow in all dimensions.


Article by Gemma Puigcercós

Keep in mind the shared responsibility between family and school. The involvement of the family in the school will be beneficial for the child: it will help educational coherence, a good understanding, knowledge and trust between references. As teachers, it is necessary to encourage the entry of families into the school and their participation. We need to recognize the importance of the educational role of families, empowering them and uniting to educate children together with respect for different styles and knowledge.

Value the inclusion of families in the school as essential. School cannot be understood without children, but no longer without families. It is the teachers’ job to open it up and allow the exchange of reflections and their participation”




From our school, we believe that the participation of families is a key element for building relationships of acquaintance and bond. Together we can accompany our children in their learning and growth process from respect and love. That’s why we invite you to be part of our day-to-day life with:

The suitcase of life, the family story, the interactive groups and whenever an opportunity arises to share.