Innovation projects

Our educational improvement is based on proposing to the students challenges that facilitate their active participation in the society that surrounds them with democratic skills and abilities.

Catalan Sports Plan

We promote healthy habits and the participation of our students in sports activities, both inside and outside the school. Tolerance, respect and equality are the cornerstones on which sport is based at school.

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ICT plan

(revised 18/19)

We want to encourage and improve the digital competence of students, making progressive use of new technologies.

TAC plan document

Technological Innovation Project in the field of digital communication

We give the students the voice to create digital artifacts with the different applications and technological resources.

TAC Vives projectStudents' voice

Impulse project with UPC

We are actively involved in projects in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Students propose everyday challenges to solve them through the use of new technologies.

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School teachers reflect on competency work to provide students with the support they need to solve their challenges. Through peer learning, teachers network with other teachers to share experiences.

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