Library Activities

By 10 November, 2017News

The world day of philosophy is on November 17th and  from the library we have prepared two children’s activities for the 18th and 25th, especially for children on this subject,

  • Saturday 18th from 12 to 13.30 h.  Workshop regarding the day of philosophy “Smell, touch and see: From the books that we have read and following the model of wine labels, we are going to create a label for a  wine that identifies us, where we are going to write the origin of our wine, the harvest, the cellar, the temperature … “done by Noemí Caballer. Infants from 5 years. Child workshop room.
  • Saturday 25th from 11 to 12.30 h. Visual philosophy workshop “Play the game I’m a person, a free-game that invites you to play and think about great questions: Who amb I and what am I?” Done by Susana Torrón. Infants from 8 years old.