We need the light of a gaze that makes us understand the world.

-Joana Raspall-


Open Days:

  •  from March 1-7
  • Small groups of 10 people
  • Reservation required per person (max 2 per family)
  • You must wear a facemask during the visit
  • The use of outdoor spaces will be promoted

Do you have any questions, suggestions or need another time slot? Write to us at:

Documentation Open Day

Videos made during the previous course 19/20

We want you to see the school running normally

What do we do at Infant Education?

Videos made during the previous course 19/20

We want you to see the school running normally

A walk through the school

Doubts – Inscription FAQs

How do I book an appointment?

HaYou must access the booking calendar and select the available time slot. You will see it in green. If there are no strips left, write to us at
matricula@escolalluisvives.cat and we talk about it.

How many people can come to the open day?

The current regulations establish a maximum of 10 people per shift. That’s why we ask that if you want two people to come, make two reservations.

Can two people go to see the school?

Yes, but it is very important that you make 2 reservations in the same time slot. If this is not possible, please contact us at matricula@escolalluisvives.cat

Can we go with our child to visit?

It is recommended that as few people as possible attend the visits. In order to guarantee the established measures, we ask that, as far as possible, you attend without the child. Don’t worry, after the registration process, we will organize days for your child to get to know the school.

What protective measures should I take?

Everyone who enters the school must wear a mask. You will find several points with ice to disinfect yourself.

Where will the visit take place?

The visit will be carried out mostly in outdoor spaces as long as the weather allows it. We will know the classrooms of infantile and of primary (according to demand).

What can I expect from the visit?

We will outline our educational project and our methodology.

Who will make the visit ?

There will always be a member of the management team, a kindergarten teacher and an elementary school teacher to answer all your questions.

What if I can't attend an Open Day?

You can contact us via email at matricula@escolalluisvives.cat in order to find the best solution.