How is the stage structured?

In the initial cycle (1st and 2nd), middle cycle (3rd and 4th) and upper cycle (5th and 6th).

Which teachers will the boys and girls meet in the classroom?

We often find two teachers in the classroom, sharing tutoring and learning activities so that we can have a more individualized attention to the students. We carry out interlevel activities, which allow students to learn among themselves.

Is the material socialized?

Yes, each student is provided with all the material they need during the course. At the beginning of the school year, all you have to do is carry the case and the school will provide all the consumables you need.

Do you use textbooks?

We are committed to project work, where the book is another tool for consultation, as is technology through iPads.

How do you deal with digital competition?

From 1st grade onwards, students make digital artifacts with the iPad. We introduce them, in a planned and structured way, to the use of various applications that allow them to become digital content creators. In addition, students have a digital portfolio through the ClassDojo tool, where they keep evidence of all their learning. Families see them from home and can track them.

From 3rd grade onwards, all students have their own corporate email from the school and from 4th grade onwards, each student has their own electronic device.

Do you speak English?

Yes, but the English language is not only present in the subject itself. We have increased the hours of language exposure in all courses. We carry out projects incorporating English as a vehicle language for learning through Science (medium) and, in addition, through learning environments such as Arts and Crafts, STEAM, microbits …

How do you rate?

Our evaluation model is based on the use of rubrics. At all times, students are aware of what they will be asked to do and what to do. Multiple evidence of day-to-day learning is collected and the meaningful acquisition of such learning is valued. Assessment is formative and involves students in their process (self-assessment, co-assessment). At the end of each term, a newsletter is prepared for families that we email.

How do you establish communication with families?

We use the free “ClassDojo” app where we can send instant messages. We communicate news and news through the classroom wall as well as the general school wall. Families have direct contact with all the teachers involved in the child’s classroom, with the school secretary, the management, the administration and the canteen.

What is the school fee and what is it for?

Given that the Department of Education does not cover 100% of the cost of a child’s education, we ask that each family make an annual contribution that goes to the purchase of teaching materials from the different learning spaces, the provision of consumable material for students, the return of the material, the acquisition of licenses and digital hardware…

The school fee for the 21/22 school year was € 165 per year for children and € 220 per year for primary school, which can be divided according to the needs of the family. Outings and camps are not included. You can see more information Here.

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