STEAMem Castelldefels project

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During the first term of the course, we will work on food, nutrition and healthy living. We will collaborate with the UPC and the Catalan Society of Technology and have the financial support of Castelldefels Town Council. To help us start our STEAM project, Castelldefels saludable, Patricia (mother of Lucas and Aitana) came to explain to us what the vital signs are, how they are measured and the name of the devices used to to be able to do it It was super interesting and we learned a lot.

prototip grup 1
prototip grup 2
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presentació prototips

Days later, the students of the Josep Lluís Sert Institute started coming to our classroom to do the joint part of the STEAMem Castelldefels project. We were presented with the materials we had to use to create our artifact, including a t-shirt, a dust sensor, and microbits. So we had to redo our prototypes. During these sessions, we designed our smart shirt, named it, and introduced it to our classmates.

alumnes Sert ajudant
prototip millorat

Here’s the improved prototypes and how we started designing the smart shirt. Soon we will program the microbits to be able to measure the pulse and put the halo of lights into operation.

col·laborem per construir
construim l'artefacte
programem micro:bits
comprovem la programació
les nostres samarretes
les nostres samarretes

This afternoon we refined our prototype and have been thinking together how our smart shirt will work. After much thought, we have agreed that our shirt works with two microbits, one connected to a heart rate monitor and the other connected to a led halo. The first one will be in charge of recording the pulse of the person wearing the shirt, once they put their finger on the heart rate monitor and also, through the radio option, it will be connected to the other microbit and will send the signal. The second microbit, which is also connected to the halo led, will receive this signal, show it on the screen and the leds will light up in one color or another, depending on how our pulses are.