Educative Project

All the actions that we carry out at school are done so that children are able to reach a good academic and personal level. Our goal is to train people who are critical and committed to society.

The school is linked to the Josep Lluís Sert Secondary School with whom we work together. We participate in an European project with schools from all over Europe through multilingual activities to promote equality and coexistence.


We are part of the “Experimental Group of Multilingualism” in Catalonia. Our school offers other areas such as Science, Arts and Crafts and Psychomotricity, where the vehicular language to communicate is English.

New Technologies

We are a 21st century school. We have Digital Whiteboards in all the classrooms and iPads so that children can learn and investigate.

Sharing to Learn

Students from the British School of Barcelona perform activities with our students to improve oral expression and the learning of the English language.

Catalan Sport plan

We promote healthy habits and our students’ participation in sports activities, both inside and outside the school. Tolerance, respect and equality are the fundamental pillars on which our school works on.

Green School

We participate in recycling campaigns throughout the year and we grow our own vegetable garden, which allows us to know the nature from a close distance.

Coeducational Playground

We are part of the project for diversity and respect in games. Our playgrounds provide a moment of recreation and entertainment for all kinds of needs. Families have built the spaces in our playgrounds.

Our transformation
Excursions and Field trips

We carry out field trips to know and investigate our environment. We also go on campsite from P5 and at the end of each cycle in order to promote coexistence and group cohesion