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By 21 January, 2021Activities, Aula EDEM, News

Last November we started with the emotional education workshop “EdEm Classroom”. Within the framework of the Project with opportunities for educational success in favor of students (POEFA), the workshop aims to become an innovative action of support and reinforcement in order to promote equal access to quality education and the work of emotions.

In particular, the action is included in modality A. “External educational reinforcement. Sessions and workshops during school hours that provide support for basic skills with external teachers, and professionals or counselors for the most vulnerable students”.

Al final de les sessions fan una auto-avaluació per recollir els aprenentatges de la sessió

At the end of the sessions they do a self-assessment to collect the learnings from the session

In this sense, one of the main competency objectives of compulsory schooling is to learn to learn, that is, to develop the capacity for autonomy through real and deep learning. This competence must be that of a vital attitude that accompanies each of the people who are now being trained throughout their lives. Thus, emotional awareness (knowing what is happening to me at all times and understanding myself) and emotional management (knowing what to do with what is happening to me in order to be better) are basic tools needed to successfully carry out any activity. We all have experience in how emotions can affect us in our daily work (“today I don’t have the day,” we tell ourselves). Childhood is no exception, and this evolutionary stage, known as pre-adolescence (ages 8 to 12, approximately), is the perfect time to introduce emotional education, develop tools, and provide resources that empower them to be more autonomous in life, especially in the development of their academic and professional activity.

Estirats a terra o asseguts en una cadira, comencem amb un exercici de meditació

Lying on the floor or sitting in a chair, we start with a meditation exercise

The workshop is organized in eight bubble groups that brings together three groups of fourth, two groups of fifth and three groups of sixth of Primary, at the Lluis Vives school in Castelldefels. With each group, ten sessions are organized during school hours that seek to work on different aspects of emotional education, in a progressive way and adapted to the real needs of each group. The designed program ranges from awareness of how I feel and what I feel, to the creation of healthy and sustainable social bonds through the integration of pro-social attitudes, through emotional management.


En algunes sessions generem material, com els pots de les nostres qualitats positives.In some sessions we generate material, such as jars of our positive qualities.

This month we start with the second workshop of Aula EdEm, corresponding to modality B. “Educational extension with a playful component. Sessions and stays inside and outside the center, during school hours, in the afternoon or after school ”. This workshop aims to be a reinforcement of the work that is done in modality A with those boys and girls who have special needs in terms of emotional and social skills. We’ll be explaining you!!